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Publish An Anti-Valentine's Day Song

Publish An Anti-Valentine's Day Song
February 14, 2020

In the case of MACHINE HEAD, the view in the past dominates due to the uncertain staffing situation, actually, the Band is playing an anniversary tour for their classic "Burn My Eyes". Nevertheless, the Band, Rob Flynn, with the 'Circle The Drain' brought out ' today, on Valentine's day a new Song.

Flynn explains that the Song is about a friend of him is: "He returned from Afghanistan, only to watch as his relationship falls apart. She had cheated on him and then believe so paranoid that he had cheated on her. In a conversation on Valentine's day he said to me, the relationship would go in slow circles down the drain ("they were just circling the drain"... ), this comparison remained in my memory. A few days later, I incorporated in the Song, I just worked.

It was in my life at this time is pretty similar, after two band members were gone, and two couples in the circle of friends my wife and I divorced. It was a time of separation. And the impact on all those who put themselves on any side, were not invited to certain Events; it was a time of social and emotional pressure. All the crap that happens when a relationship breaks up.

'Circle The Drain' is a sad Song about broken relationships, but also with the acceptance that it is over, and that now you have to make more. I had not considered it quite metaphorically, because I wanted to, that is actually my life, but the lives of everyone who must go through such a hard time. It will not be able to identify each Song, especially those who have a solid relationship, but if the day ever comes that your life is going wrong, is this Song like a lifeline, something that can help you, to pull you back from this dark abyss.”

The Song was produced by Rob Flynn, along with Zach Ohren (ALL SHALL PERISH, SUICIDE SILENCE) in Sharkbite Studios in Oakland. On drums Navene Koperweis (ENTHEOS, WHITECHAPEL, ANIMALS AS LEADERS) and not the Tour, Drummer Matt Alston sat.

This is already the second Single, no Album, after in October of last year, 'Do Or die' was released. Flynn said in an Interview with Robb's MetalWorks, that he currently prefers, prefer Singles as albums bring out. Starting in April, there will again be "Burn My Eyes"-concerts in Europe, which consists of a regular Set and a "Burn My Eyes"-the Set with the almost complete original line-up (only Bassist Adam Duce is missing).

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