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Publish "Children Of The Pit"-Video

April 25, 2016

GODSLAVE have released a Video for “Children Of The Pit”. The Song comes from the Album “Welcome To The Green Zone”, the on 18. March 2016 has been released. The Band comments:

“With ‘Children of the Pit’, we have Packed an Ode to friendship on our new Album. Here is the official Video with all the guests: WE LOVE YOU! Thank you for Participating!”

All of the guest musicians have their contribution to the Video itself turned: Seba (ERADICATOR), Matze (HATRED), Liz (DYING GORGEOUS LIES), Hille (SENSLES),Patrick (SKELETON PIT), Britta (CRIPPER), Martin (MEKONG DELTA/the night screaming), Roland (THE OUTSIDE), Thommy (GODSLAVE), Frank (HATRED)