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Publish Details About Your New Album, "Heroes Of Mighty Magic"

Publish Details About Your New Album, "Heroes Of Mighty Magic"
June 08, 2016

The Swedish Power/Adventure metal band TWILIGHT FORCE have announced the first Details of their upcoming, second Album. The Album will be called “Heroes Of Mighty Magic,” and on 26. August 2016 on Nuclear Blast Records. The Band commented on this news as follows:

“Listen up! We can finally reveal the first, mystical Details of our next Opus. Your thirst will be deleted earlier than expected, as the Album on 26. August 2016 will be released by Nuclear Blast on the world. The title of this monumental creation will be ‘Heroes Of Mighty Magic’. All of this absolutely exquisite Original Artwork for this Album was produced by the mighty Kerem Beyit. Here is the glorious Cover Artwork.”

Twilight Force – “Heroes Of Mighty Magic” – Album In 2016 – Cover-Artwork

Furthermore, TWILIGHT FORCE have also been known already, the Tracklist to “Heroes Of Mighty Magic”.

TWILIGHT FORCE – “Heroes Of Mighty Magic” (Album, 2016) – Tracklist:

01. Battle Of Arcane Might
02. Power wind
03. Guardian Of The Seas
04. Flight Of The Sapphire Dragon
05. There And Back Again
06. Riders Of The Dawn
07. Keepers Of Fate
08. Rise Of A Hero
09. To The Stars
10. Heroes Of Mighty Magic
11. Epilogue
12. Knights Of Twilight's Might

Furthermore, to say TWILIGHT FORCE to their new Album:

“The next Opus of TWILIGHT FORCE will have experienced a journey like you never. While we remain of the essence of the Power Metal faithful, have developed the Songs, Sounds and magical adventure, all of the dragon-youth, you were once a colossal Erzdrachen. The time, devotion and ancient wisdom have we invested in this Album, is truly immeasurable and we sincerely hope that the members of our esteemed audience will Shine through.”

Who TWILIGHT FORCE before the release of the album again, live, can, by the way , on 8. July 2016 on the rock Harz Open Air in Ballenstedt do.