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Publish Details About Your New Album "Epiphany Of Hate"

October 30, 2015

At the end of January 2016, the election-Czech Paul speckmann and his colleagues publish a new MASTER of the Album on the cult label FDA Rekotz. Now there are new Details to the “Epiphany Of Hate”, which was produced in the Shaark Studios in the Czech Bzenec and once more with the finest Death Metal feed is likely to come up. We will show you here are already the chic Cover-Artwork from the pen of Mark Cooper and the associated, ten pieces of a comprehensive Tracklist.

Subdue The Politician Fiction Soon Becomes Reality Face Your Fear Just Be Yourself Just Take My Right Arm On The Epiphany Of Hate It's Clearly Eden The People Of The Damned Senses All Will Be Controlled Red Alert