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Publish The First Harbingers Of The New Album

Publish The First Harbingers Of The New Album
January 06, 2020

The Swedish Classic Rock/AOR Supergroup, THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA is once again just before the departure, because her new work called "Aeromantic" is on 28. February 2020 on the market. "More Drama" is the output currency – and the Band delivers in the Form of the official music video for the first Single "Divinyls" directly a first impression. Look at the directed by René U. Valdes (Bravo, Bravo film) resulting strip here:

The Band "Divinyls":

"So you thought that your THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA would be good to know? You were sure that we only sing about the good times, and Boogie-Woogie, as well as the radio play-ready AOR? Then you were wrong, damn it. The Only thing that our age let the Swedish heart so long has beat, is DRAMA! Internal and external conflicts, rumors and Exaggerations. 28. February we will release our new Album. "Aeromantic" is a road Opera, based on the destroyed Dreams and visions, as well as the fact that we are all a lot less than the Person that we should be actually. But even in the deepest darkness there is always a spark of hope. From that spark of hope can be provided that the correct way of thinking – a lot of Swedish Classic Rock-Melodrama created. We publish on 3. In January, our first Single and the first Video from the upcoming album, "Divinyls". "Divinyls" is that you are pushing the impossible, I and dreams up in the center of the Psyche and in total control of your own future. The Video shows two young Figure skaters, with the pressure of their demanding coach, fight the bite, however, the teeth together in order to pursue their dreams. You could say that the history behind some of the bonds in the drama of Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan – with the difference that these two distinguished ladies to be Friends at the end. We would like to thank the Figure skaters Karina Ljunggren and Ida Thörn for your extraordinary presentation on the ice as your trainer Alisa Latysheva, which is in the Video as themselves. Also a big thank you to the figure skating club GF IDROTT in Landskrona in Sweden for the realization of this video, as well as our great Director René Valdez. Once again THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA would like to remind you that this is only the beginning...“

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA – "Aeromantic": Tracklist Servants Of The Air Divinyls If Tonight Is Our Only Chance This Boy's Last Summer Curves Transmission Aeromantic Golden Swansdown Taurus Carmencita Seven Sister Mercurial Dead Of Winter

"Aeromantic" was recorded at Nordic Sound lab. For the recording of the drums even the same Set was used, also listen to ABBAs Überalbum "Super Trouper" (1980).

THE NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA: members Björn Strid | Vocals Sharlee D'angelo | Bass David Andersson | Guitar Richard Larsson | Keyboard Jonas Källsbäck | Drums Sebastian Forslund | Guitar, Percussion, Special Effects Anna-Mia Bonde | Background Vocals Anna Brygård | Background Vocals
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