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Publish The First Song From The Upcoming Album "decades"

August 07, 2015

Only recently have the German Black metal band THYRGRIM their new Album, “decades”, as well as the accompanying release tour announced. Now you can with “Dette He Tysk Svart Metal”, the first Song from “decades” to listen to:

Shit, not doing what.Whoops! Here is actually a Video - or Audio-embed should appear. ...

“Decades” is THYRGRIMs fifth Studio album, and appears on 09.10.2015 via Talheim Records. Here are the Cover Artwork and the Tracklist of the album:

01. He Dette tysk svart metal
02. The hell is here
03. The Plague Man
04. A sign of your weakness
05. Hatred (re-recording, Original on the Album, “decline”)
06. Interlude
07. The Way
08. Tide times
09. Dying II
10. If it is snowing (re-recording, Original on the Album “winter hall”)


And these dates THYRGRIM will be seen live:

01.10. Helsinki (FI), semi-final
02.10. Jyvaskyla (FI), Katse
03.10. Tampere (FI), Varjobaari
09.10. Oberhausen (DE) Helvete
10.10. Erfurt (DE), From Hell
16.10. Utrecht (NL), dB's
17.10. Winschoten (NL), Boelie's Pub