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Publish The First Song Of The "Futha"

Publish The First Song Of The "Futha"
April 05, 2019

Of the many hotly anticipated, second CURE Album "Fultha" will be released on 28.06.2019. A first taste of the "Ofnir"-the successor to give the shaman now in the Form of the piece "Norupo". A Video, what would have liked sure many there are, but it was HEALING never been and was not, therefore, expect.

In addition, it performances a CURE after numerous festival – and especially in the past year – now on Tour. The following cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are controlled:

24.10.2019 – Berlin (DE) – Admiral's Palace Berlin
26.10.2019 – Essen (DE) Colosseum Theater Essen
28.10.2019 – Munich (DE) – Circus Krone
01.11.2019 – Halle (DE) – Handel hall
03.11.2019 – Vienna (AT) – The Vienna Globe
05.11.2019 – Zurich (CH) – Volkshaus
07.11.2019 – Kiel (DE)- castle event center

For the Tour, search for HEALING, by the way, even to warriors, and warriors. A different kind of Job that will certainly not be quite uninteresting.