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Publish Two Videos

October 08, 2019

Next Friday, VANDEN PLAS will release their new Album. Reason enough to draw the attention through two new Videos on "The Ghost experiment: AwakenIng":

"Cold December Night" (Lyric Video)

"The Ghost Experiment" (Music Video)

"The Ghost experiment: AwakenIng" is based on a documented paranormal Experiment. In the album concept is, Gideon and Grace, the need to be concerned about on his way through France permanently to his life, which is threatened by the "House of Rain". Gideon extended his Knowledge of books he finds in a library in a German school of metaphysics. There he reads about secret Teachings, and the para-psychological experiments, which are an important base in the fight against the creatures of darkness. After the first Showdown the knowledge that Gideon gets out of the fight to tear a hole deep in the abyss of hell.


1. Cold December Night
2. The Phantom Of Prends-Toi-Gardes
3. Three Ghosts
4. Devilsā€˜ Poetry
5. Fall From The Skies
6. The Ghost Experiment

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