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Publish Video For The Song "Red Sky"

Publish Video For The Song "Red Sky"
October 28, 2019

The Hungarian Punk-Rock Band, THE hell freaks has released a Video for their Song "Red Sky".

The Video can be found at the end of the article. The Band is promoting it in January 2020 Album "Go On The Run," which will be released by the German Label Sunny Bastard Records. The Album can already be on the Homepage of the Band pre-ordered.

The Band for the Song: "pain can be our friend. If there is no pain, we do nothing. We just sit there and stare idly on the wall. If something hurts a little, we can handle them-and that pain can increase even in small portions, silent and unnoticed. But if it is then inhumanely, if we are tormented, not 75%, but 100 percent, it is not to endure longer. The life-instinct turns on, still einletztes Time, no matter what it cost You, and this instinct is so powerful that it could destroy everything in its path. This is exactly how we work at the individual and societal Level, and that is exactly the situation that can trigger a Revolution, and which manages to move mountains.Behind all this is the immense pain that is so useful is, almost a friend, comes and saves you. Let it hurt, what hurt. Don't try to suppress it, let it come to the surface and reins, not your pain, because that is what true change can bring!“

The transformation of the singer, Shakey Suezum "Tribal-Alien-beings", that is to see in the Video, has taken the best part of four hours and was carried out by the Make-Up and Bodypaint artist contra Katalin.

THE hell freaks were founded in 2009 in Budapest. In 2010 the debut Album "Hell Sweet Hell"was released in


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