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Publish Video To "Apollo's Heist"

Publish Video To "Apollo's Heist"
March 03, 2020

BEAR from Antwerp are celebrating their ten-year anniversary of the band. Meanwhile, in the Progressive Metal arrived, according to the original influences of the Hardcore of the 90s clearly audible.

For their fourth Album, the Belgians are now at the Pelagic Records. The plant goes by the name of "Propaganda" and appears on 8. May. You turn to the Punk philosophy, against them and their manipulative kind – be it product placement, or the deception of whole peoples.

For the first Single "Apollo's Heist" has now turned to be a pretty time-consuming, action-Packed Video:

For the meaning of the song, the Band says:

"In "Apollo's is about to fight a battle Heist can", You don't win and even if You think that You will win will always have some kind of revenge. So the story goes. This was the first Song we wrote for the new Album, so it's only fitting that he has opened a new Chapter for BEAR.“

Here you can "Propaganda," pre-order a copy.

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