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Publish Video To "Why Aren't You Laughing?"

Publish Video To "Why Aren't You Laughing?"
March 11, 2019

The Dutch Rock-Band of GOLD has a Video for the title song of the 5. April published album "Why Aren't You Laughing?" was published. The Video can be found at the end of this article.

Singer Milena Eva has commented on the Song: “Being a woman is often seen as a role. And as such she is often portrayed as a stereotypical, not in the least in the rock and metal scenes. The role of The mother, the daughter, the girlfriend, the vixen, the witch, the dominatrix, etc. The feminism in the video of 'Why Aren't You Laughing?' is all about reducing womanhood to what it is: being a woman, and about demasculating types of normal behavior that are often regarded as unladylike, without carica Turing it. It's about eating something without sexualizing it, it's about being tough without becoming a boy, it's about being a girl among girls, in contrast to the rock scene where the girl is often portrayed, a rarity in a man's world.”

"Why Aren't You Laughing?" is the fourth Album by GOLD and the successor to the in the year 2017 at Ván Records released "the Optimist" and will be released on Artoffact/Cargo.

The release of the Album, which accompanies the GOLD to go in the spring to Tour. Here is the data:

12.04.2019 (NLD) Tilburg, Roadburn/Het Patronaat
25.04.2019 (ENG) Berlin, Urban Spree
26.04.2019 (POL) Warsaw-Chmury
27.04.2019 (POL) Krakow, Kwadrat
28.04.2019 (AUT) photo, Arena
29.04.2019 (SVN) Ljubljana, Gromka
30.04.2019 (AUT) Linz, KAPU
02.05.2019 (ENG) clubs, MTC
03.05.2019 (FRA) Lille, La Malterie
11.05.2019 (NLD) Utrecht, EKKO/Doomstad
23.06.2019 (FRA) Clisson, Hellfest