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Publish Your Debut EP 'Lucifer Has Spoken'

August 07, 2015

In the case of the Swedish Death metal fire spawn there is no way around learning comes to a bit of name-dropping: Among other things, this new project consists of members of NECROPHOBIC, NAGLFAR, ENTOMBED A. D., and UNLEASHED – so one can expect high-quality food.

And, since today, you can get yourself of the musical qualities of fire spawn convincing, because from now on, the first sign of life from the Band in the Form of the 7"EP "Lucifer Has Spoken" via Century Media Records is available.

Here you can listen to the title track from “Lucifer Has Spoken”:

Fire spawn – “Lucifer Has Spoken”:

Shit, not doing what.Whoops! Here is actually a Video - or Audio-embed should appear. ...

So the Line-up of fire spawn:

LG Petrov – Vocals
Fredrik Folkare – Guitar
Victor Brandt – Guitar
A. Impaler – Bass
Matte Modin – Drums

And here is the Cover Artwork from “Lucifer Has Spoken”: