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Published "Cross Off" With Chester Bennington

Published "Cross Off" With Chester Bennington
January 09, 2019

MARK MORTON has released a Lyric Video for "Cross Off" with guest singers Chester Bennington. The Neo-Thrash Song that features crunchy Riffs. Benningtons aggressive Shouts, in some moments, the memories of the early days of LINKIN PARK . The two had recorded the Song in the spring of 2017. Shortly thereafter, it was Beninnington died. According to Morton, the collaboration had been extremely easy:

"We both loved the Song, really, from the beginning, and everyone who has worked on it, put a lot of energy and emotions in there. I think you can hear in the Sound really, and in Chester's performance on each case.“

MARK MORTON from raging

The first solo album by LAMB OF GODguitarist listens to the title of "Anesthetic" and appears on 1. March via Spinefarm Records. In addition to Bennington are also Morton's band-mate Randy Blythe and ARCH ENEMYfront-woman Alissa White-Gluz to hear. The common Song "The Truth Is Dead" was released in Morton.

The "Anesthetic"-Tracklist:

01. Cross Off (with Chester Bennington)
02. Sworn Apart (with Jacoby Shaddix)
03. Axis (with Mark Lanegan)
04. The Never (with Chuck Billy and Jake Oni)
05. Save Defiance (with Myles Kennedy)
06. Blur (with Mark Morales)
07. Back From The Dead (Josh Todd)
08. Reveal (with Naeemah Z. Maddox)
09. Imaginary Days
10. The Truth Is Dead (with Randy Blythe and Alissa White-Gluz)

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"Cross Off" Song Premiere

"Cross Off” what a very free-flowing and natural process. We both really loved the song from its inception and everyone that worked on it put a lot of energy and emotion into it. I feel like you can really hear that in the track, and absolutely in Chester's performance.Listen to "Cross Off" feat. Chester Bennington here: mark Morton.lnk.to/anesthetic

Posted by Mark Morton on Tuesday, may 8. January 2019