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Published Donate Album

November 15, 2015

Two weeks it is now, since in a concert hall in Bucharest, at a release show of Modern-erupted Metal Band GOODBYE TO GRAVITY, a devastating fire, in addition to four members of the band 46 of the visitors died and over a hundred injured, some seriously.

Under the title “The Quest For A Morning Star” made by the Romanian artist Costin Chioreanu (responsible among other things for cover pictures of AT THE GATES, ARCH ENEMY, DARKTHRONE, ULVER) and now an Album, to collect donations for the victims. Musical support he received among others from Attila Csihar (MAYHEM), Kimmo Helen (HEXVESSEL), Mirai Kawashima (SIGH) and David Tibet (CURRENT 93).
Also available is “The Quest For A Morning Star” via Bandcamp. The promotion runs until the 27. November. All proceeds directly benefit the Victims of the fire.