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Publishing Cover Artwork And Tracklist

January 29, 2013



FINNTROLL have to match your three-year cycle, the shots to your 6. Album in Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki completed. The new Album “Blodsvept” will be released on 22. March 2013 published.


Today the Band has unveiled the Cover Artwork and the Tracklist of the new album. The drawing, which was made by FINNTROLL guitarist Skrymer (who was also the previous Artwork for the Band), visualizes the musical Aura of FINNTROLL, the influences of Black and Death Metal with folk music, a little bit of Ska, Latin Music, Psychobilly and Klezmer.



“Blodsvept” Track Listing:


1. Blodsvept

2. Ett Folk Förbannat

3. När Jättar Marschera

4. Murder minnen

5. Rösets Kung

6. Skövlarens Död

7. Skogsdotter

8. Häxbrygd

9. Två Otmar

10. Fanskapsfylld

11. Midvinter Draken