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Put Out A New Album

May 13, 2016

Dan Swänos Progressive Death Band WITHERSCAPE has announced that on 22. July will release their new Album “The Northern Sanctuary” via Century Media. This is the third release after “The New Tommorow” , and the second long-player after the debut of“The Inheritance”, which is # 97 in the German Charts reached. The Hungarian artist Gyula Havancsák (including NIGHTINGALE, DESTRUCTION,TYR) was for the Artwork to be responsible.

Dan Swäno explains the Storyline as follows: “The plot begins where the “The New Tommorow-ended EP. It will jump back in the time line of the first album, 50 years, to the point where the main character, “Mannen i vitt” (man in White) buys the house, where all these gruesome happened matters in the end. He has restored the rooms and rented out now, to people from big cities who want to enjoy the Northern Swedish silence. But it haunts still in the house and the “Mannen i vitt” is possessed by the spirit, so that he does to his “patients” in terrible things. The house was built on a gateway to hell and at a certain Ritual, it can go back to hell...” is Musically The Northern Sanctuary, “” it's the Best of the 70's/80's Prog/Hard Rock with atmospheric and create subtle Extreme blend of Metal.