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R. I. P. Jim Sadist

October 08, 2015

As NUNSLAUGHTER-singer and founder Donald “Don Of The Dead” Crotsley tonight on NUNSLAUGHTERs Facebook page stated, is the longtime Drummer of the Band, Jimmy “Jim Sadist” Konya at 07. October 2015 at the age of 44 years passed away. Konya had already been health problems, since 09. September he was due to a stroke in the hospital, where he died on may 27. September a second stroke in the other half of the brain suffered. Yesterday, the life-sustaining measures.

Konya was next to “Don of the Dead” is the longest standing member of the Death Punks and Devil metallers (as they describe themselves) NUNSLAUGHTER, since 1995, the drummer had played on every release of the Band that has brought it already up to 20 Releases per year. In addition to NUNSLAUGHTER Konya was still in a whole range of other Bands, for example, in the case of Death metal, learning ALL THAT IS EVIL, the Sludgern SLOTH and the Death/Black metal FROM THE DEPTHS.

How it will go with NUNSLAUGHTER, still stands in the stars. Is, for the Rest of the year, 2015, the Band is on ice, although a few finished publications. In 2016, the Band will decide according to Don Crotsley, whether and how it will go on without Jim Sadist.

Image source: https://www.facebook.com/NUNSLAUGHTER/photos/a.10150660102539755.396710.296709989754/10153296871019755/?type=3&theater