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Raffle! Win Tickets For The European Tour

Raffle! Win Tickets For The European Tour
October 04, 2019

A very special tour package in the Form of both Alternative and Hardcore legends THRICE, and REFUSED in November. While THRICE a year with her latest work "the Palms" honored, we need to get out, "I Was Music", the new REFUSED Album, still a little wait. The Release is already for the 18.10.2019 recognized.

In the case of Germany dates in Munich and Berlin it is, therefore, of the two Bands, plenty of new Material, but also classics from the extensive band history on the ears give.

We are now allowed to get away with the kind support of Live Nation Tickets for you and a companion out of it. To be, you have to fill out up to and including 11.10.2019 the following form. Please don't forget to confirm the connection to your E-Mail address. As always, the winner will be decided and the decision is final.

Thrice & Refused Ticket Raffle
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please select your desired concert Monday, 11. November 2019 | München, Tonhalle Tuesday, 12. November 2019 | Berlin, Huxley's New World
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