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Raffle For Home Cinema Start

Raffle For Home Cinema Start
January 27, 2020

Not only the USA producing horror films, including from Russia is a scary strip announces the 30.01.2020. In "Quiet Comes The Dawn" play Oksana Akinshina ("The Bourne supremacy"; "Unequal sisters"), Aleksandr Molochnikov ("Blockbuster"; "The Red Band Society"), Anna Slyu ("guardians of the night"; "Podbrosy") and Oleg Vasilkov ("Battle for Sevastopol"; "Spitak"). With a little luck, you can now use one of three Blu-rays to win.

The Plot:

Since the mysterious death of her brother, suffers Sveta under excruciating nightmares. In search of answers, she joins in the Institute for Somnology an Experiment: With three other patients, you are immersed in a lucid dream to help you keep your psychological problems to get rid of. However, according to the dawn, you will Wake up in a different reality, which is worse than any nightmare.

Fills up 02.02.2020 the following form in order to participate in the raffle. Please don't forget to confirm the connection to your E-Mail address. As always, the winner will be decided and the decision is final.

Quiet Comes The Dawn Raffle
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