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Randy Blythe Comments On The Tour Crash

November 23, 2015

A few days ago we reported to you that the LAMB OF GOD because of the terrorist attacks in Paris with CHILDREN OF BODOM and the BAND planned a European tour resigned (News about the tour cancellation of LAMB of GOD). After spreading, many of the reactions in the social networks, Blythe, frontman Randy now in a detailed Statement on the crash expressed.

Blythe, who stresses that he speaks in the letter only and not in the name of the whole Band makes it clear on several occasions, a Tour cancellation is, of course, never in the interest of a Band. In the sequel, he goes with regard to his explanations, very in depth and describes the events that ultimately led to the termination of the Tour, from his emotional and logical point of view. An excerpt: “I am not sure, if the people with me, and my choices are agree, no Problem. But I can't deal with a new Story, in which it is stated that numerous people died at a LAMB OF GOD concert, and the Band potential warning signs ignored”.

Read the entire Statement from Randy Blythe at the tour crash.