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Release A Live Album

February 07, 2016

Now he stands firm, the release date of the long-awaited Live album from the Hamburg-based Dark rockers MONO INC.: 11. March 2016 “Mono Inc. Live” as a double CD and DVD in the stores. This is a Live recording of a concert at the 7. November 2015 in Dresden in the framework of the “Terlingua“-Tour.

Here is the Tracklist:

Disc 1:

1. Arabia (Live)
2. This Is The Day (Live)
3. Temple Of The Torn (Live)
4. Never-Ending Love Song (Live)
5. No Distance Is Too Far (Live)
6. Heal, Heal Blessing (Live)
7. My Sick Mind Tv (Live)
8. It Never Rains (Live)
9. Symphony Of Pain (Live)
10. Gothic Queen (Live)
11. Chasing Cars (Live)

Disc 2:

1. On A Clear Day (Live)
2. In My Heart (Live)
3. The Drum Part I Battle (Live)
4. Drum Part Ii Battle (Live)
5. Forgiven (Live)
6. Revenge (Live)
7. After The War (Live)
8. Moonlight (Live)
9. Get Some Sleep (Live)
10. Day (Live)
11. Voices Of Doom (Live)