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Release New Single - "Spiritual Decay"

Release New Single - "Spiritual Decay"
April 05, 2019

The Progressive Death metallers ODETOSUN have a new Single released: "Spiritual Decay" is the first sign of life after the successful two albums, "Gods Forgotten Orbit" (2013) and "The Dark Dunes Of Titan" (2015), both in us as well as Fans-called genres of music were received well.

"Spiritual Decay" is the prelude to a Five-Song cycle

Guitarist and band mastermind Benny Stuchly: ""Spiritual Decay" is the prelude to a Song-cycle that we want to publish in the Form of about five individual songs from time to time through our website." The individual Tracks have to give it to each as a digital Download and also as a physically available specimen. Further, he says: "We want to create a space for sound and technical experiments, which is in the framework of a homogeneous album, the context is sometimes only possible to a limited extent."

Here you can hear in the Song:

ODETOSUN are inspired (also) from the Death Metal of the old school

To the musical and textual Background Benny Stuchly continues: "In the run-up to "The Dark Dunes Of Titan" I've heard quite a lot of Prog from the seventies. Just ELOYs "Ocean" and "Wish you were here" by PINK FLOYD source of inspiration. Accordingly, elements in the conceptual Considerations and the Songwriting are included. For some time I hear increasingly Death Metal of the old school. ENTOMBED, AT THE GATES or ARCH ENEMY from the time with Johan Liiva on the MIC as an example. To me the fresh Element and the rawness of the material from this Era. It is definitely a nice contrast to the always more complicated and insane become the current Zeitgeist. I think that there is a certain amount of Inspiration in the Song is incorporated. The textual Inspiration can also happen in the current world, in the civilizational and spiritual achievements faster and faster, and glaring down the drain seems to.“

Here Spiritual Decay is "" available

Available the Song digitally or physically in carton ash's blank in Vinyl optic on the ODETOSUN-Bandcamp and BigCartel page: