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Release New Video

Release New Video
May 15, 2019

A Short Time Jump. No,not in the 80s. Ok, here it comes to IRON MAIDEN, but if you must then jump to none. It extends to the year 2018. The year in which the Heavy Metal out of the legends have left the IRON MAIDEN on the stage of the beast: "The Legacy Of The Beast Tour".

Iron Maiden – Legacy Of The Beast Tour In 2018

We were in Berlin, reported,and were, like so many of the people in the enjoyment came, the Band, the metal that has made the history, on big stages live watch more than thrilled. The Show was titled as world-class. IRON MAIDEN have shown in spite of your age, as it is to let the cow fly and how it's going to allow the Icarus to fly.

Live to a world-class level

The latter can be viewed now. IRON MAIDEN release a Live Video for "Flight Of The Icarus". This Song, which for the first time on the Album "Piece Of Mind" in 1983, has appeared, was in the year 2018 in the Repertoire of the Band on stage.

"....Fly as high as the sun...“

The Video shows how the long-haired old-timers-Association can, in principle, and officially crack. Emotions and fun on stage and in front of it. Or, to quote Maiden: "...looks the old man in the eye as he spreads his wings and shouts at the crowd...."

And movie,please.....