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Release New Video

Release New Video
September 27, 2019

Noisy Heavy Weight Math Sludge Post Metal. All right? Admittedly, it sounds suspiciously like Vegetarian Progressive Grindcore, actually, the description for flesh world, from Poland is not so far-fetched as it sounds.

Modern, noisy will get-sludgiger Post-Metal is actually program with the five guys from Krakow. Throughout the six years it took for the originally as a Duo project, launched after a pair of Splits, her second Album ready. 11. October it is, then The Map "on This Charming Man Records" will appear.

New music video for the second Single, "Currents And Tides"

With "Currents And Tides" is the second Advance Single to the Album, to be turned to the this Time even a Video.

Flesh world-self have to say:

"The second Single to the Album and the last Song on it. We wanted to try something new and we think it brings the most fun and gives back the most to play live. Therefore, it is fitting that we have made a Live Video.

The idea of being part of something outside of your own control, liked us already, as we wrote it. The Lack of control and the fear of letting go of the main themes of the Songs are. We travel, consciously or subconsciously, into situations from which we come out. It seems like in our urine stinks anchored, sorry to suspend and to find some comfort in that. We are merely passengers in our bodies and our minds with a spark of hope to which we cling, and Remnants of control, to give us the false impression that we are acting in the situation would be to, instead of just watching how the big scenario unfolds.“

Band photo: Woda i Pustka