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Reveal Release Date And Tracklisting Of New Album

February 24, 2015

It is brewing something together in the black forest: As it became known, the Black Metal Duo of Eaux-de-vie to complete Horde Working on his debut album. Accordingly, the plate that bears the title “Come hell or high water”, on 12. May via ASTAT Entertainment appear.

The Tracklist of the disc reads as follows:

01. The Locum Tenens
02. Baptism In Fire
03. ahd. Meat
04. Enlightenment
05. Dust
06. Dark Green
07. The First Snow
08. Through The Dark
09. The Old Hatred
10. Pendulum
11. Eternal Fear

Burning Horde was founded in 2012 as a solo project. Roman Hilser (FUCK YOU AND THE) initially collected song ideas and song fragments, the beginning of 2014, shooting thrust Lich Giuliano Barbieri (der WEG einer Freiheit, FUCK YOU AND die), and took over the Post on the micro. By the way: Who in the Shop of the Band up to the 4. March pre-ordered the Bundle from the plate, and Shirt, and crush with a bit of luck, one of the almost out-of-print, first Shirts above.

With “Through The Dark” is also the first Pre-Single of the disc out there: