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Roller-coaster Retirement

October 18, 2015

At the beginning of last year, MÖTLEY CRÜE rocked the Rock world with the message that they will play starting in 2016, no more concerts. In order to show that you are serious, you signed a “Cessation Of Touring”agreement (dt. Never again tours). The “Special Guest” ALICE COOPER would be happy to help and has offered jokingly, the Band with its Guillotine to the heads. Of course that would be the icing on the cake of a gigantic Show. Guillotine, pyrotechnics and a huge Frankenstein Monster. Thus, the program of the “opening act is alone”. The Highlight of the Show will of course be the “Crücifly”. A roller coaster that Tommy Lee (the dr.) during his percussion drives solo. Currently he is represented by Glen Sobel, drummer for ALICE COOPER, as Lee has to pause because of a wrist injury. At this point, we wish him a speedy recovery. This all sounds pretty tempting, but unfortunately, the price also has a major drawback: the entrance. While you have paid in 2012 for the last visit to Germany (with Slash), only about 50€, the costs in Stuttgart and Düsseldorf, the standing room tickets 83€. In Munich, even 92€. Each remains up to you whether or not he wants to do this price, but he can be sure that he will get for this price is a huge Show that will give it so never again. Well, maybe the CRÜE will then find time to work on a successor to their last Album “Saints Of Los Angeles” (2008).