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Seeking Band For The Last Slot

June 03, 2015

You want to this year on the Euro Festival Vol blast.11 play? Then this is your Chance! The Euroblast Collective has teamed up with the Online Booking Agency gigmit.com together to find talented musicians around the world, the blast in a Contest on the last Slot at the Euro Festival Vol. 11 can apply. The winner of the competition will not only get the Chance in addition to Acts such as BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, CYNIC, and LEPROUS to play, but also a Festgage of 500€, hostel accommodation, Backline, as well as 3-day tickets. All applicants will be raffled in addition, 3×3-day tickets. The prerequisite for participation in the Contest to set up a Premium account on gigmit.com. The membership costs€ 29 a month and is cancellable at any time. With the Proceeds Gigmit for the paying of fair wages and supported the festival. All applicants are welcome, and the best and most appropriate Band, I.e. from the whole of the Euro Team, including John Giulio blast, and Daniel Schneider selected. To the application via Gigmit's here. For more information about the Festival you can of the presentation page in our event guide.