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Sell Tickets For Online Live Stream

March 04, 2013

The music industry is really bad, Labels and Bands to gnaw at the collective on the hunger cloth. Well, that may be excessive, nevertheless creativity is without a doubt asked in the development of new sources of income. The Dutch Symphonic offer-metallers EPICA for the “Retrospect”-Show for ten year olds to pass a paid Live Stream of the Show for all who can't be on site, in your living room. In cooperation with live music days of the Show to Shine in glorious HD, to a Maximum of Live-Feeling transport.

Tickets for the live stream is it on http://www.livemusicstage.com/epica. The decisive numbers up to 7. March is only 5 €, then the price will rise to 7 €.

At the Show, EPICA of a 70-man strong orchestra, the “Extended Remenyi Ede Chamber Orchestra” and a choir are supported. In addition, other surprise guests and many show effects are announced, to make the Show a unique and unforgettable spectacle. Guitarist Mark Jansen: “I am really looking forward to this Show. Everything we have done in the last 10 years, and reached, on 23. March come together. To play with a big orchestra and choir brings our music even more life, in fact it was meant to be that way always. Only very rarely we are able to implement everything, and that makes it so special.”

The Band has made a Video announcement for this Event online: