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Separate Yourself From Martin Van Drunen

December 01, 2015

Like the Band on Facebook, has announced that Martin van Drunen is no longer a member of HAIL OF BULLETS. The Dutch Death metal Formation founded in the year 2006 and since then, three albums released, separated due to personal reasons of your singer.

The Statement of the four remaining musicians: “we are sorry to announce that Martin Van Drunen is no longer part of the HAIL OF BULLETS. On a personal level, it is not possible for us, the collaboration with Martin to continue.”

The already confirmed appearance must be cancelled due to the Splits for the time being. However, it is for the Band to read, such as: “this is not The end of the HAIL OF BULLETS. The main reason for the founding of this Band eight years ago was our love for Death Metal and the fun, our favorite music and we didn't want to lose the ‘fun part’. We are aware that Martin is a good singer with a distinctive voice, but he is not the only great singers on this planet. We wish him all the best for his future career.”