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Singer Sushi Leaves The Band

Singer Sushi Leaves The Band
February 12, 2020

A small, large quake goes after this announcement by the ESKIMO CALLBOY-Fanbase. Vocalist Sebastian "Sushi" Biesler and the Instrumental group, in peace and mutual understanding in various ways.

The separation after 1o years of band history, the members of the German Metalcore Institution is not easy. A long Statement, which the Band released today shows:

"Hey Guys,

2020 is now begun, and it was also the year in which we celebrate our 10-year anniversary of the band. How crass quickly the time has passed, we can't touch yourself yet so right. It feels like it was only yesterday that we worked together in a dark basement room on our first EP. We are all in this together.
Without responsibility, without expectations, and each in its own individual way. This particular cooperation has always been our recipe for success: 6 different types, 6 different influences and at the end of an awesome Album.

As in any relationship we have developed together, but each individually. We always brought our own and personal visions into the Studio, which could, of course, not always agree. After many discussions and even more sleepless nights, we have together agreed that the Sushi and Eskimo Callboy from now on and also go their own ways to be.
We have not made this decision really easy, especially because we are still cool with each other.
We will see but all in the best way, in the future, with all my heart our passion.

We can understand if this News come as a shock to some of you, first of all, a little, but we hope for your understanding and your Support. We are already full steam ahead into the new year started and write new Songs. All previously announced Shows, we will definitely play, either with a replacement singer, or maybe even with someone New. We promise you that we do our Best to be back soon "very" to – be with a "bear patches" on the knees.
We look forward and a fat "THANK you!" send out to all of you!