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So Far, Over 130 Confirmed Bands For The 25th Anniversary

March 29, 2016

The WAVE-GOTIK-Treffen (WGT) in Leipzig is celebrating this year from the 13. To 16. May 25-fifth anniversary. 138 (as of 29 so far.March 2016) Bands and artists confirmed that.

For friends of the classic Wave and Gothic with PETER MURPHY and an exclusive “Mr. Moonlight Show“ with the Best of BAUHAUS is a real Highlight. Furthermore, these Fans are likely to be about THE I, PINK TURNS BLUE, or THE LEGENDARY PINK DOTS look forward.

Who electronic like it, the SUICIDE COMMANDO, CONTAGION with an exclusive Reunion concert, VELVET ACID CHRIST, and LEATHER STRIP are likely to favor. However, even for the Metal Fans, because, MY DYING BRIDE, AUTUMNAL, CREMATORY anniversary show, DORNENREICH, with two different appearances, and LEAVES‘ EYES with a Viking are confirmed Look. If the Metal may be like a folky, KORPIKLAANI, trollfest worries and Gernot Hagen for raised Methörner. But also the pure Folk, and the medieval market music is indulged. Verse gold, CULTUS FEROX and FAUN will bring the willing people to Dance.

Other Highlights: DIARY OF DREAMS, JOACHIM WITT, ERIC FISH AND FRIENDS, LACRIMOSA, COPPELIUS, LORD OF THE LOST, FORNICATION, SAELDES SANC & ERNST HORN, DIRK IVENS with the Best of all his projects, KAUAN, CINEMA STRANGE, exclusive to this concert, ARTWORK with the anniversary show and many other Bands. All confirmations are on http://www.wave-gotik-treffen.de/bands.php listed.

A first part of the programme has been announced. Already on 12. In may, the amusement Park BELANTIS its doors for the WGT visitors open. That is to say to the guests, all rides are available until midnight free of charge. In addition, a variety of DJs for the Grand opening will be DJing the party. The arrival can be done with a Shuttle bus from the main train station of Leipzig and from the agra area.

Tickets for the WGT under: http://www.wave-gotik-treffen.de/karten.php