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Song Premiere "Stellar Tombs" And New Album "Sovran"

October 05, 2015

Darkly romantic Gothic Doom Metal at its Finest: The Swedish Band DRACONIAN, the last year of 20th anniversary of the band celebrated, published with the addition of Heike Langhans on 30. October 2015, their sixth long-player “Sovran” under Napalm Records.

1. Heavy Lies the Crown
2. The Wretched Tide
3. Pale Torture Blue
4. Stellar Tombs
5. No Lonelier Star
6. Dusk Mariner
7. Most dishearten
8. Rivers Between Us
9. The Marriage of Attaris
10. With Love and Defiance (Bonus Track)

The Album will be available as a limited Digipak, ltd. Deluxe Box (Digipak with Poster-flag and counterpart), and in two different Vinyl versions will be available.

As a foretaste of the new Album the Song was released today “Stellar Tombs”.


Vocalist Anders Jacobsson says: “This track is like a storm, a storm of a life trying to re-connect to its soul, to its place in the Cosmos. To me it's like a cognition through this constricted three-dimensional world and the expanded reality beyond. At the time I wrote this it was like an almost grotesque cocktail of fear and identity leading to intra-depletion, but would mutate into the realization of its illusion, to a sense of peace and acceptance. Stellar Tombs is a ‘spicy’ song, somewhat intense and brooding, and like many other Draconian songs-the main empathy rests on a transitional phase; becoming who You are. I’d say it’s one of the more monolithic songs of the new album.”