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Start A Patreon Campaign, With The Band Financing

March 07, 2016

The members of the Australian Progressive Death Metal hope NE OBLIVISCARIS have decided to take a remarkable step, in order to secure the continued existence as a touring and professionally run Band. Using the Crowdfunding site Patreon, you want to move supporters of the Band, a monthly dollar amount to contribute in order to allow NE OBLIVISCARIS the sole and economically independent production of albums and continuous touring. Basically, it is the funding principle of a kind of crown funding-subscription. At the end of a month to come together the amount of 17.079 Australian Dollar. This sum would cover the Australian minimum wage for all band members.

Donation prepare a patron of wave, depending on the amount of the financial contribution Merch coupons, guest list, exclusive song premieres, and Tutorials. A monthly 250-Dollar-donation can be your copyright or less in the inner band circle of upgrades. He is mentioned in the Booklets of the albums to come, receive private phone numbers of the band members, has a say in the creation of Setlists and can contribute his or her opinion during the emergence of new Songs.

NE OBLIVISCARIS speak of a “Revolution” in the music business. For transparency and to a better understanding of the step the Band is, among other things, detailed insights into your financial Situation and the risk of a world tour. Who is part of the NE-OBLIVISCARIS-Association, or simply further information would like to can the here to do.