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Start Crowdfunding For Fourth Album

October 08, 2015

First of a short Tour with BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, the German Heavy rockers THE NEW BLACK back is already working on their fourth Album. Aufgenommen is the new disc in the Jam Productions Studios in Würzburg, as a producer of acts Jacob Hansen (among others, VOLBEAT). The VÖ_Datum is the 26. February 2016 via AFM Records.

The Band writes: “We find great, what did Jacob with the Sound of the last plate. We get on well, so we wanted to have it this time as a producer, from beginning to end, in order to jointly all out from the Songs. Our own productions in the basement are exhausted, we continue to come here. And so far, it feels everything to the necessary next step. We have never worked so intensely, hard and satisfactory to the new stuff!”

In addition, ask THE NEW BLACK all friends & sympathizers, have a look at their Crowdfunding campaign with pledge music to throw. Here, Fans can pre-order, only new music and behind-the-Scenes look, but also some exclusive Goodies to grab, such as a tasting room visit & Dinner with the Band, a Portrait from the pen of singer Fludid, and the coveted “Job” as a beer tech at a Show. A Video is here: