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Start Of Tour With New Video

Start Of Tour With New Video
June 11, 2019

The Swiss Hardcore Band COILGUNS, we at Dudefest in 2019 before the camera got to bring in time for the Start of their Tour, a new Video out. The guys have a heart for Live Videos and the, already second, Live Video follows. This time it is the song "Self Employment Scheme" and "Earthians".

The former dates back to the last Release of the tape from the year 2018 with the name "Millennials". Since the Hardcorer live very present, and showed, among other things, at the Desert Festival, as well as the Roadburn Festival.

Coilguns – Dudefest 2019 Part I

Recorded the Video during a Show at the 29.11.2018 in Paris.

To see Live COILGUNS in the following cities are and will be actively supported by the CULT LEADER and BIRDS OF ROW:

11.06.2019 – (DE) Berlin, Cassiopeia
12.06.2019 – (DE) Leipzig, Naumanns
13.06.2019 – (DE) Bochum, The trumpet
14.06.2019 – (FR) Strasbourg Molodoï
15.06.2019 – (CH) Fribourg, Nouveau Monde
16.06.2019 – (CH) Luzern, Sedel
17.06.2019 – (DE) Saarbrücken, Kleiner Klub
18.06.2019 – (BE) Bruxelles, Botanique
19.06.2019 – (FR) Rouen, Bifröst
20.06.2019 – (FR) Paris, Gibus
22.06.2019 – (FR) Clisson, Hellfest
23.06.2019 – (NL) Haarlem, Patronaat
24.06.2019 – (UK) London, Underworld
26.06.2019 – (UK) Milton Keynes, The Craufurd Arms
27.06.2019 – (UK) Leeds, Temple of Boom
29.06.2019 – (FR) Bourlon, Rock in Bourlon
01.07.2019 – (BE) Antwerp, Kavka
02.07.2019 – (NL) Nijmegen, Merleyn
03.07.2019 – (DE) Hamburg, port of sound