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Station In Cologne €

December 22, 2014

“The German army, allied with Ottoman Turkey, seeing Turkey evade accountability, drew a terrible lesson from this atrocity about the willingness of the world to turn a blind eye to the planned extermination of a whole race under the guise of war. One young German soldier named Adolf Hitler of the Great war later remarked “WHO NOW REMEMBERS THE ARMENIANS?” as he orchestrated what is now known as the Holocaust.

Our answer is WE DO!”

WAKE UP THE SOULS – this is a SYSTEM OF A DOWN once again, a politically important goal: to eight concerts limited tour want the Armenian-born, American-Americans, the genocide of the Armenians almost 100 years ago back into memory. And – as above – to see-specifically, on the roles and attitudes of the tour countries.

In Cologne, the Band offers their German Fans the opportunity to experience classics such as “Chop Suey!” or “B. Y. O. B.” live on, helping to bridge the waiting time for a possible new Album. And even if its future is in the stars: explosions in the politically-critical texts Tankians & Malakians also in 2015 – worry, perhaps more than ever.

Last remaining tickets for the one and only Germany Show on may 13. April 2015 at Eventim. All other Information political as well as musical in nature you can find on the Band's Website , or in the case of MLK.