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Stoned God To Publish The Second Album "Incorporeal"

Stoned God To Publish The Second Album "Incorporeal"
February 09, 2020

The German Progressive Death metallers STONED GOD from the University town of Göttingen can already look back on a few years of experience. According to the 2016 Debut of "Discordant Divinity" it was a long time quiet around the Quartet, the Band returns this year, now even louder with their second Album, "Incorporeal".

If not mistaken, should be the release of the second Full-Length on 7. February, the awareness level pretty up fast. Groovy, both technically and atmospherically, it ploughs through nine Tracks in the rough waters of Bands like GOJIRA, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, or even the modern DECAPITATED.

Cover artwork and track list are as follows:


Celestial Deicide Dethrone the Traitors Incorporeal The Creator Illusion Alive Artificial Sun The Decadent Blind Glowworms

In addition, STONED GOD are currently on the search for a permanent Drummer. Those interested can under stonedgodofficial@gmail.com report.

The Album is available on all major streaming services available and can also be used digitally and as a CD on the Bandcamppage are acquired. Who would like to get a visual impression, you should look at in any case, the new music video for "Glowworms":


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