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Stream The Complete New Album

Stream The Complete New Album
March 06, 2020

Something seems to be in Belgium, just in the water. In contrast to their Dutch neighbors, the export hit were in terms of Metal, from there, has been limited to date. Perhaps it was the success of the EVIL INVADERS, which is something like a starting shot for interesting new Bands from the small country has – currently, for example, a purely terrifying place , or even SCHIZOPHRENIA.

Also in terms of progressive music, in Belgium however, a lot of things, for example, in the Form of the Psychedelic-Post-metal band PSYCHONAUT. For her debut Album, which was released in 2018, self-directed, have you bagged now a contract when the scene Primus Pelagic Records. "Unfold The God-Man" is released today, on the 6. Of March, and will even be streamed in full length for free. So if you want to leave the week with a bit of vertracktem Post-Metal finish, the we wish you much fun with "Unfold The God-Man" of the PSYCHONAUT:


1. All I Saw As A Huge Monkey
2. The Story Of Your Enslavement
3. Kabuddah
4. The Fall Of Consciousness
5. Sananda
6. Celestial Dictator
7. Halls Of Amenti
8. Nexus
9. Nothing Is Consciousless

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