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Stunt Cars In The Fossils-exhibition

July 28, 2015

People, hold on to you there is Breathtaking: ACCEPT it by turning it completely! Peter Baltes (Bass) and Wolf Hoffmann (guitar) ventured Hausen to the Holcim plant forum and the fossil Museum in the South of the yolk.

As it is known, is expected to be a guest there, currently, the exhibition “Rock Fossils”, which shows sculptures of extinct creatures, which are named after Heavy Metal, Punk and Rock icons. After in this framework, for example, KING DIAMOND of 2013 in the Danish Faxe geological Museum, unveiled the model of a 400-million-year-old worm that was named in his honor, now ACCEPT it to be a 180 million year old Fossil from the area honored.

But here's the thing: in order to ensure that the own extensive biography for sovereignty and not for the threat of a lapse is, to put Baltes and Hoffmann for the first Stage-Dive, followed by a Crowd-Surfing round your long life.

Hats off of our page! Or. also, helmets on! Better the is...