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TOOL On A Stone Stage?

TOOL On A Stone Stage?
February 09, 2020

Fans can be sometimes stupid, but also incredibly creative. A TOOL Fan now, out of the Lego stage of his favorite band downstream of zimmert and the Danish toys manufacturer, the Chance is not low, if there is enough demand for the commercial to realize, because the already quite already happened.

Tool – Lego-Stage Fan built

Idea to band stages in the rock format

The User "blocksandmocs" manifests itself in the emergence of the idea:

“ This project is a tribute to the legendary Rock Band TOOL. I was inspired by the long wait of 13 years, after which TOOL have now finally released a new Album. TOOL have accompanied me through my entire life as an integral and substantial part of the "Soundtrack of my life.

I think different stages for different artists would arrive at LEGO Fans quite well. It would be a unique way to come together and to showcase his musical tastes, to capture perhaps the memory of a great Show. Music is a fundamental part of life, it accompanied us on so many different types. The opportunity to combine music with LEGO is fantastic! It expands the possibilities of LEGO.

As I've shared these models on Social Media, I got a lot of feedback and even purchase demands. That surprised me, that even among music fans that were normal to do much with LEGO, the interest was extremely high. I believe that a series of such a LEGO set would enrich the buyers with various and high-quality collector's pieces.“

This project is just in the idea phase and is not yet final. If, however, it should be able to find enough interested customers in the campaign, chances are good that when LEGO does something. The campaign already has two thousand supporters, and is still running about one and a half years. That should be enough to gather enough Support.

Here , the stage is admired, and the inventor are supported.


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