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The B Is Now On Special Offer - Full Video-high In A Three-pack

April 06, 2016

Every day, countless new Videos of Bands from the stream are to be found today guitar bearing on the major Streaming platforms. And because today, the B was declared to be the letter of the day, we have the Following three values film is not for you to see a lot of the Bands show, quite obviously, only a penchant for one or the other special treatment, as it were, away from the music, but, in addition, also beginning with B name hear

The beginning of Starglue Sniffer “BLACK SPACE RIDERS”. That you need in a drug-filled, the title, of course, a correspondingly unconventional Video, have recognized the boys and in your animated Clip minimalist black sketches in order to psych-and-white-precious-colorful color effects added. The associated EP “Beyond Refugeeum” is at 13.05. appear and four more pieces from the “Refugeeum”Sessions, as well as two remixes included.

Because we know that you all article, in which it is to baby metal, especially. and we in addition to the obvious Fanservice is also a thief of joy, one or the other band, hater on the palm to drive it out, here is a recording of their first US TV appearance of the funny Hupfdohlen, Tuesday, the “Late Show” to Stephen Colbert. Then the keyboards, let's glow and saves out there with your contempt, your real Metalheads!

And as a reasonable bouncer, we put you, the punky German rocker BRDIGUNG to the heart, with “The day After” a funny hangover anthem as a foretaste of the 15.04. released Album, “chaos theory” to present.