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The Big Preliminary Report To The WGT

The Big Preliminary Report To The WGT
May 04, 2019
Leipzig is black!

Gloomy it will be in Leipzig! The annual Meeting of the black scene, 2019 together again several Thousand people to dive the whole of Leipzig, in a unified and yet varied Black. The Wave-Gotik-Treffen – short-WGT – takes place from 07. up to 10. June and offers an extensive programme for its guests.

The official program is released to the Public yet, but some of the program points are in addition to many of the Bands already known. All the reading of the book “The occupant“ by the successful author SEBASTIAN FITZEK forward. In addition, museums are open in the whole of Leipzig, the doors in the WGT-visitors, for example, the Grassi museums for musical instruments and Ethnology. Who wants to have a rest so in the morning of the auspower the concerts and parties, the WGT is always the possibility to continue their education and to learn a little of the Leipzig cultural scene. For friends of opulent garb, the Victoria was recommended in addition to niche a picnic and the Steampunk picnic. For that reason alone a visit to the WGT is worth it – from the impressive and often self-made dresses to Admire you coming out so quickly. The framework programme is so worthwhile, it extends from the fetish Party to "knit in the afternoon, black-and-romantics".

But, speaking of parties – “In Goth We Trust“ is the Name of a popular party series at the WGT, the on 08. June will take place in the mjut Club, close to Leipzig's centre. On multiple Floors to Post-Punk and EBM is celebrated, to Gothic Rock and Cold Wave. Furthermore, the Leipzig scene-Club dark flower will keep the one or other Surprise ready. So far, known to be an exclusive Release-Party on 08. June for the new Album, “sailor's yarn“ by TANZWUT, the also on 10. June, a concert in the Pagan village will play, as well as a performance by the DJs BJÖRN PENG.

Medieval friends arrive at the Wave-Gothic-Meeting in 2019. The Pagan village was on Facebook announced, what is already planned. In addition to great Bands such as SCHANDMAUL, FAUN and jail Bart, there will be lot of jugglers, theatrical performances, and game people on the fountain stage. In addition, there is a comprehensive children's program, “confidential scientific lectures“, each of enter amount of craftsmanship and some of the readings with the publishing house “red dragon“. Variety is therefore guaranteed.

What Bands will play at the WGT in 2019?

But for many, the Wave-Gotik-Treffen closely linked with the musical diversity. Scene greats such as GOETHES ERBEN, Nitzer EBB, THE I and CHRISTIAN DEATH here, as well as Bands in the metal spectrum, á la CRADLE OF FILTH, wolf, heart, or before have helrunar. Also the already mentioned Pagan village held on 08. June, a Metal evening, which starts at 15.50 PM. Look forward to XIV DARK CENTURIES, WELICORUSS, and ELUVEITIE! By the way, have also announced IN EXTREMO on their current Tour t-Shirt already. In which Location the middle ages rocker will occur is not certain, however.

The extension of the stylistic spectrum on the WGT, you can even make alone at the recent ribbon shaft (04.05.2019): TANGARINE DREAM, in addition to the power PLANT, the most significant German electro-Formation is, likewise, READ to guest, like the Alternative Rocker WHITE, the Folk-Band the SPELL, the EBM-fan favorites PATENBRIGADE:WOLFF and even NEW MODEL ARMY have announced their.

You want even more variety? Not A Problem! There are modern Gothic Rock with Lord-Of-The-Lost/3565">LORD OF THE LOST, Heavy Wood with COPPELIUS, a Mix of NDH, and NDW with JOACHIM WITT, Post-Rock with DARKHER, chamber-pop with JONATHAN BREE, experimental Rock with the cellar man, classic Wave with SAD LOVERS & GIANTS , Synth Wave with SALLY DIGE and false colors with their legendary Album, "monarchy and everyday life"!

Who is this varied Line-up experience want, you can here to purchase Tickets. This year the ticket price for 4 days of the Festival (including Bus and rail ticket) is 130€ plus VAT. All tickets include booking fees. The so-called "child Custody"-ticket for the Camping costs€ 25. Who cares only for the Pagan village, can buy for 15€ day tickets to go to the medieval market and concerts.

metal.de wish you much fun on the 28. Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig!