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The First Part Of The Documentary Show

The First Part Of The Documentary Show
January 03, 2019

The New Jersey thrashers OVERKILL will publish your 19. Studio album, listen to the title of "the Wings Of war", on 22. February 2019 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Now the tape shows the first Part of their multi-part documentary series with the title "Welcome To The Garden States," in the beginnings of OVERKILL is told, and the Band explains how each member is pushed to the troop:

Other parts of the small documentary series about the way to the finished Studio album "The Wings Of war" to be released soon. The latest Lyric Video to "Last Man Standing"'s here to see also:

"The Wings Of war" was recorded at Gear Recording Studios in New Jersey, in the SKH Studio in Florida and Jrod Productions by Bassist D. D. Verni and guitarist Dave Linsk. The Album was produced by the Band itself, Chies "Zeuss" Harris took care of the Mix and the Mastering.

The Album Cover was once again created by Travis Smith (NEVERMORE, OPETH, SOILWORK, DEATH).

The track list reads as follows:

Last Man Standing Believe In The Fight The Head Of A Pin Bat Shit Crazy Distortion A Mother's Prayer Welcome To The Garden State Where Few Dare To Walk Out On The Road-Kill Hole In My Soul

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