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The German Contribution To The Audio-visual Weekend Entertainment

The German Contribution To The Audio-visual Weekend Entertainment
June 17, 2016

Just in time for the weekend, the record labels and PR agencies bombard us once again with lots of metal music on the popular Streaming platforms. We have clicked through and present to you today the European football championship is being used as an excuse, yeah always like – unusual Patriotic colored selection worth seeing and hearing, remarkable Video Clips, all of which are “made in Germany”.

Completely drunk with IN EXTREMO

The beginning of the bagpipe rockers IN EXTREMO are doing with the first Video-Clip for the on 24. June forthcoming Album, “Quid Pro Quo”. Surprisingly, it is in “Blotto” is not only the first real Sauflied in the Portfolio of the middle ages-Rocker, it is also away from the obvious visualization of quite around. The Band has taken a 360°camera in the schöneberg Bar “Leydicke”, so that the viewer can choose his angle of view on the Goings-on of Michael Rhine, and his young and in the middle of it can feel.

DORO makes the earth quake

In addition to the new IN-EXTREMO-disc of the new Live CD/DVD/Blu-ray packages from DORO is next Friday in the stores. A little taste of Wacken recorded Live-Clip for “Earthshaker Rock”.

SERUM 114 celebrate the dark time of the day

Who is more punky English rock and like a new anthem for the week-nite stroll through the Clubs and dance temples of the Republic, it SERUM 114 do the same, explain in their new Clip, in solidarity with the night – her friend – to invent without doing musically. That is exactly why you can't party, but not unlike “The night my friend” properly.

Industrial cold from the BULLET's HEIGHT

It takes to be a real Club Hit also demonstrates the Berlin-based Industrial Duo BULLET HEIGHT to the rotated Video for the Single “Hold Together”. The technoid Industrial Rock likes to exude a completely different, noticeably cooler atmosphere than that of the others in this selection, the emerging formations, the Song however, is just as fast in flesh and blood, and invites to Dance.

PROMT! the “Rockstar”

And in the end there's even a special treat for all, with a well maintained Portion of Trash (sic!) can get used: to PROMT The Clip!s wonderfully self-deprecating Single “Rockstar” was put released even before a month to the mankind, as the accompanying Album “stream Of time” but released today, were you the Franken-Rocker nevertheless.