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The Kings Of The Game People Make Metal

The Kings Of The Game People Make Metal
February 13, 2020

Love Doro Peters,

no, You're not doing anything wrong. It is up to us. And we are sorry from the heart!

Quite rightly, You pointed us to the fact that CORVUS CORAX are committed completely open to our beloved Metal. And we don't want to recognize only pleased, but also very adequately. Therefore, all readers of these lines are hereby invited, the following Video in full view and move the volume control so far in the direction of the 11 to how it is to feel one's own pain, or the neighbourly tolerance will allow!

Of all the beginning is not, of course, difficult, so that the kings of the game people came to help, to ensure strong support for their first steps on the hard metal flooring. With KREATOR guitarist Sami Yli-Sirniƶ on guitar is a real all-rounder for the necessary Bums on the guitar and makes us, in fact, already hot on the 04. September released Album, "Era Metallum". We hope so, that CORVUS CORAX can keep up with their first Single, "Ragnarok" set a benchmark on the full distance at the top.

Everything is back to somethin ' between us, love Doro? We hope that we will continue to hear regularly from You and vow solemnly to write a bit more often!

Your You loving Metal.de-Team

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