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The Masters Of Evil Are

May 06, 2016

Michael Denner and Hank Sherman, the FATE guitar Duo released as downloadable tracks, have completed the Mix and Mastering for their first Album under the Banner DENNER/SHERMAN and the "Masters Of Evil" - titled Album on 24. June on Metal Blade Records will release.

For the Cover of the Swede Thomas Holm, who is already the cover artwork of the EP “Satan's Tomb“. The Mix Arnold Lindberg did back in the Sound Industry Studio in Gothenburg.
“Masters Of Evil” includes eight new pieces of Denner/Sherman.

The Tracklist reads as follows:

1. Angel's Blood
2. Son of Satan
3. The Wolf Feeds at Night
4. Pentagram and the Cross
5. Masters of Evil
6. Servants of Dagon
7. Escape from Hell
8. The Baroness

The Cast:
Michael Denner – Guitar
Hank Sherman – Guitar
Sean Peck – Vocals
Snowy Shaw – Drums
Marc Grabowski – Bass

Under http://www.metalblade.com/dennershermann/ there's more info and the opportunity in the Opener a listen.