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The New BLODTÅKE Video To "Elapsed"

The New BLODTÅKE Video To "Elapsed"
January 03, 2020

BLODTÅKE from North Rhine-Westphalia have made it 2019: After a few years of existence, the debut could be released-Album "Nativity Of Ashes". According to the DIY principle, took over publication and Promotion, and could thus earn quite a bit of positive media echo.

After the first Single "Follower", the in may its Premiere, followed by "Discarded" yet another. At the Start of the new decade, the Band, whose Sound moves in the intersection of Black Metal and Death Doom, after, now, and bought the Album-bouncer "Elapsed" is an epic Video, for you even to Iceland go.

metal.de presents: The new music video from BLODTÅKE to "Elapsed"

Guitarist Gråven about the Song and the Video:

""Elapsed" was the last Song we wrote for the Album. He lives at the beginning of the instrumental Parts for a Song on a Black Metal Album almost progressive. Then the Lyrics to the Song and also the album concept. The Video was filmed in the solitude of Iceland and is, as well as the Song itself, associations, and feelings no longer evoke in the audience, which we feel in the urban everyday life.

In the last scene of the video we dissolve the emotions that we connect with the Video and Song, but there is no pattern valid Interpretation: let's just hope the audience feels something Special, the Song and therein find something – whether it be sadness, hope, despair, Yearning, or finality – you moved.“

Together with BLODTÅKE we wish you much fun with the Video to "Elapsed":

The Album "Nativity-Of-Ashes" can you here order.

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