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  • The New CONSTELLATIA-Lyric-Video "In Acclamation"

The New CONSTELLATIA-Lyric-Video "In Acclamation"

The New CONSTELLATIA-Lyric-Video "In Acclamation"
October 30, 2019

After the yesterday's Premiere at exotic Locations were, it is now a little atypical. The Post Black Metal Duo CONSTELLATIA comes from Cape town in South Africa and was founded in the year 2018. The two Parties, however, are not Unknown. Gideon Lamprecht (guitar, Keyboards) plays otherwise in the case of CROW BLACK SKY, while Keenan Oakes (Vocals, Bass) as the frontman of the wilderness king is known for.

Quite dissimilar to their other projects, the style of CONSTELLATIA is not – he is somewhere between ALCEST, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM and FEN. On 15.11. the debut of the two, which bears the sonorous name of "The Language Of Limbs" appears on Isolation Records.

metal.de presents: The new Lyric-Video of CONSTELLATIA for the Song "In Acclamation"

To be published In "Acclamation", the second official Single to the Album, the Band now has a Lyric Video which you can watch exclusively here with us today. This is what you had to say about the Song:

""In Acclamation" is the second Song we wrote for "The Language Of Limbs". With this Song we wanted to move in a slightly different direction than with "All Nights Belong To You" (the first Single, note. d. Verf.). We explore more progressive and epischere ideas, but keep the interesting dynamics, with seamless Transitions and a romantic Sound to it.“

We wish you, together with All Noir, a lot of fun with the romantic Sounds of "Acclamation":

Track list of "The Language Of Limbs":

1. All Nights Belong To You
2. In Acclamation
3. Empyrean
4. The Garden

You can the Album here already pre-order it.

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