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  • The New ERLEN MEYER Song, "Coton Cadé"

The New ERLEN MEYER Song, "Coton Cadé"

The New ERLEN MEYER Song, "Coton Cadé"
January 10, 2019

The French Black-Sludge-Band, ERLEN MEYER has your new Album "Sang Et Or" in the stop, waiting, on 25. To January via Argonauta Records released to the world. Also to this, the Band followed up their concept in the lyrical waters of Agatha Christie, combined with the Extra on Hitchcock's-wort.

metal.de presents the new ERLEN MEYER Song, "Coton Cardé"

To be able to give an impression of this conception, the Band sends a first Song from the Album, and listens to the name "Coton Cadé". The music video was created with this concept in the back of the head, and also serves as an Appetizer for the Live-violence of the Band.

The Band commented this as follows:

"We are proud to present the Coton Cardé, the first track from our second album Sang et Or. The band continues to mix dark detective novels and heavy music in this first chapter of a whole new story. While waiting to meet you on stage (dates to be announced very soon), we hope you will enjoy this bloody appetizer.“

We are pleased to announce this Track is now in cooperation with All Noir present. A lot of fun, "Coton Cadé":

Track list:

1. Coton Cardé
2. Rouge Cardinal
3. Vipères
4. Grand Duc
5. Re Ar Fi La
6. Le Chant de l’Hydre
7. Enfer Forgé
8. Trompe l'oeil