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The New GRIN-Video "Translucent Blades"

The New GRIN-Video "Translucent Blades"
December 18, 2019

Psychedelic Rock continues to be popular and the number of promising Bands from this Genre seems to be low. The Berlin-based Duo's GRIN is still in a separate direction, and a good Portion of Sludge is mixed under your Stoner-heavy-Rock-based. This should not come as a surprise since Jan Oberg and his wife, Sabine, many already by your other Band, EARTH SHIP known to be likely to in a similar direction. With GRIN you can remember the Few, however, fully on himself, and needs not to compromise.

Consistently the new Album "Transluscent Blades was recorded way" in Jan's private Studio. After 2018, nor in the even distribution released debut Album "Revenant" is the second full-Length album for the first time on a Label – also in Berlin-based forge Crazysane Records.

metal.de presents: The new music video from GRIN to "Translucent Blades"

Before the Album on 17. January appears to be, there is for all friends of the genre, of course, already a couple of Songs as a taster. As the second Single and the second Video has been chosen for the title song, the Jan Oberg thus describes:

"Thematically, it's about the end and the new beginning, "Translucent Blades" is, so to speak, the blade of the absäbelt of humanity, so slowly but surely the head. Visually the whole thing is packaged in a LSD-soaked hell-ride from the master of the morning mushroom collecting Sven Liebold.“

Together with Crazysane Records we wish you much fun with GRINs hell of a journey to “ Translucent Blades“:

The Album you can here already pre-order it.

Track list:

1. Helix
2. Orbital, Grace
3. Translucent Blades
4. Husk
5. Electric Eye
6. Holy Grief
7. Antares
8. Reviver

Band Photo: Ruby Gold

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